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Find a Wide Range of Cake Icing Products in St. Peters

Cake Icing: Buttercream, Fondant, Gum Paste in St. Louis

There is a reason the phrase “icing on the cake” is so popular when describing very good things. There is just something about this particular decorative and tasty ingredient that kids and adults enjoy.

At My Son’s Cake and Candy Supply, we provide our customers with a huge selection of ingredients and premade icing to meet all of their decorating needs. We serve bakeries and individuals by providing items such as:

  • Buttercream Cake Icing
  • Rolled Fondant for Cake Icing
  • Gum Paste for Cake Icing Decorations

If you have questions regarding our cake icing products or using our products in your bakery or home, contact us through our Contact Page or by visiting our St. Louis store today. As experts in cake icing and decorating, we can help with your cake decorations, icing, and other needs.

Our Cake Icing Products

Buttercream Cake Icing

We provide our customers with the tastiest high quality buttercream icing. Sold by the pound, our homemade buttercream icing has a fantastic consistency that is easy to work with. We understand that on the one hand, you do not want icing that is too thin so that it cannot be shaped as you like. On the other hand, you do not want it to be too thick or clumpy either so that it feels too stiff for the job at hand. The icing we provide will be a joy to use whether you are spreading it onto a cake you have prepared or molding and shaping it into decorative forms.

Cake Icing: Wholesale Buttercream, Fondant, Gum Paste

Rolled Fondant for Cake Icing

When it comes to rolled fondant, we here at My Son’s Cake and Candy Supply recommend Satin Ice. We supply this product in white as well as a plethora of colors. Therefore, you can be sure to find a shade available to meet your needs, no matter what design or aesthetic you are working on.

Satin Ice fondant icing lives up to its name by offering a smooth satin-like consistency on whatever cake or cookie you are making. Its polished and elegant look adds a level of class that will definitely catch people’s eyes. Satin Ice is easy with which to work and, like all of the other cake decoration products we stock, will leave you with a beautiful end result.

Gum Paste for Cake Icing

We offer our customers the option of purchasing gum paste mix as well as ready made gum paste. This ingredient is particularly useful when it comes to creating decorative additions for a cake such as flowers, ribbons, and other figures. The paste itself becomes more solid as it dries, making the resulting decorations more sturdy.

The benefit of ready made gum paste is that it can be more convenient to use. The ingredients have already been put together so there is no need to worry about any mixing. Instead, you can focus on fashioning the paste into something beautiful. On the other hand, the benefit of gum paste mix is that it offers you full control over the mixing process. Therefore, allowing you to make a paste specific to your requirements.

Learn More about Our Cake Icing Products

If you have questions regarding our cake icing products that we have available or you want to learn more about using these products, contact us today! We have the answers you need, and we would love to help with your cake decorations, icing, and other baking needs.

Bakery Supplies: Cake & Candy Decoration Supply in St. Louis
Bakery Supplies: Cake & Candy Decoration Supply in St. Louis

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